Back to work


After what has been a busy, busy time preparing my website, writing cover letters and CV’s, balancing university work and my thriving (haha) social life, I am looking forward to a day of relative peace and quiet working on my RSA Student Design project.
Currently working on Project Rural, where I have to develop a product or system that allows rural areas to flourish, I am aiming to enhance the transport links between small communities and larger urban areas. It’s proving challenging – as any new brief is – as it’s totally different to anything I’ve ever tried before. Service design is derivative to what the course usually has to offer yet I believe that if I broaden my horizons and try new things then who knows what opportunities will open up in the future. 

As for my other work, I must thank my teammates with @ImpartDundee as they are currently in York at the moment interviewing Radius Creative. It’s a shame I couldn’t be there, and I’m a tad jealous of their big road trip ahead.

I’ll be posting more updates in the coming weeks.



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