How I neglected my blog, and how I aim to write more

So, what, it’s been like a month since I last blogged? Probably more? Why am I even posing that as a question – you the reader will probably know the answer to that just as well as I do.

It’s true – I’ve neglected my blog. I haven’t posted anything here, or updated my website in absolutely ages. I have simply left a dormant artefact to my fledgling design career floating aimlessly around the World Wide Web. However, that is all about to change – for I have gotten an actual (kind of) job, with an actual design firm, and after 3 years of University life, I have decided to join the big, bad, so-called “real world” (for a limited time only).

It’s actually been quite funny looking at my stats over the past month or so – even without me actively putting my name out there and making fantastic posts (such as this one, right?) I am still gaining some form of traction on the site, amassing at least a few views a day. I don’t have many explanations for this to be honest, one conclusion could be the possibility that I have a stalker, who is awaiting the day that I make another blog post. Well, you’re in luck pal, this one’s for you…

On a serious note though, my new job has made me think not only a lot about blogging, but the important impact that it could create for me once I leave this place in September. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently interning at Made by Many in London, a design firm that aims to create digital products and services that capture value for a organisation, transforming it’s business model. At MxM, the three interns are encouraged to blog weekly about our experiences (which can be found here: which will subsequently get us into the routine of making blogging a regular habit. It’s a nice facet to the internship, because it provides the people in the office and outwith who are interested in the project a means to find out what specifically we are doing, from the viewpoint of the ones who are doing it. More importantly, however, is the personal reflection aspect of it that I get out of the experience.

At the end of a week, writing about what we have done and what I think of the experience has actually been an enlightening, almost therapeutic thing to do. It’s like verbally unloading all the crap thats going on in my brain; all the stresses, surprises and eager thoughts that I have towards the project, and printing them for all the world to read. That in itself is a sub-consciously worrying thought, but one that I’ve learned needs to be conquered in order to communicate your true self in the posts. I recommend all of you to read the blog, however if you can’t be bothered/don’t want to, I’ll make it more convenient and repost everything I put up there here. I know, I am really good to you guys, and yes, I truly have turned over a new leaf.

So there you have it, long story short, tldr; I am going to blog more. Weekly. Probably weekly. Probably. No promises.

Please keep an eye out for more thats going on in the internship, whether that be here or on Medium, and please don’t forget to leave some feedback on what I can do better next time! For the time being, I shall move across the old posts from weeks gone by for your own perusal.

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