The Monday to End All Mondays

Today I decided that I hate Mondays.

Like, obviously they’re not the best day of the week, but today I realised that I’m past the age of going out and milking the weekend for all of the Buckfast and beer in the world. I mean, I’m going to be 22 at the end of the month. My best years are behind me, it’s all going downhill from here.

Despite having a whole day of recuperation from a good night out on Saturday, I came into University, late at 10:30, and there was little happening in the old cranium. We started the morning discussing our group project. We are aiming to go down to the Queen Mother Building and scope out an opportunity of holding a focus group around our project. Looking at the Tesco Online Shopping experience, we want to investigate how it could be improved for an older population, giving people a greater independence from services such as Meals on Wheels whilst also bridging the digital divide between varied populations.

It’s a tricky subject, simply because the Tesco service is quite expansive and we have a lot to focus on, meaning that we quickly need to distil what it is we want to learn. I’m quite wary about making the report captivating, and really contextualising what it is we’re doing and why. For instance, we could write a report about how the UI sucks ass (it does), but why is that important bearing in mind that a lot of UI design is not inclusive for older adults with arthritic hands or poor vision? Why is it important that we design online services to be accessible anyway, and what is the digital divide and why is it so important?

Today, I want to leave that imprint upon my teammates, however I feel I struggled to do that. In this group, I feel that it is sometimes a struggle to get a word in, and it is important that we take time to shine the spotlight on other people’s point of view. Everyone in the group is eager and want to contribute, but sometimes it is difficult with more assertive voices in the group. Everyone has a way of doing things, and there is something to be learned from everybody – so what we need to do more is ensure that we don’t continue to follow the train of thought of individuals, and instead move forward with everyone having an equal share of the direction of this project.

That was thankfully out of the way in the morning, and I began to feel human once again after a rubbish canteen burger with chips and a can of IRN-BRU – the perfect combination to cure the blues.

I began to assemble a CSI wall, a tip learned from my previous Creative Technologies module, and I have a lot of content to get through and assemble. From about 1-5, I spent my time cutting and printing, with sellotaping left to do. It didn’t help that there was a fire alarm called during that time – the 30 minutes spent in the freezing rain was at least a bit of wake up call. So, it’s been a bit of a sprawling black hole of a day, but I’m determined to make up for it with a bit of after dinner work to get the ball rolling properly for tomorrow. We go again tomorrow.


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